Essential Oils to the Rescue: Bed Wetting


There are many problems that can contribute to enuresis in children past the age at which one would expect them to be continent of urine through the evening. And, it seems boys have a higher incidence of problem enuresis than girls overall.

Of course, a physician could (and should) rule out any physical abnormalities or low-grade urinary tract infections, kidney problems or physical reasons for the release of urine in the sleep.  Even with medical treatment, there are dietary and plant-based support available to help the body return to a homeostasis (centered) that fosters relaxation and wholeness.



First I would look to the plant-based medicinal qualities of essential oils for help.

The first oil I would highly recommend is oil of Cypress (cupressus sempervirens). Effective almost immediately – rub a drop or two with a carrier oil onto the child’s lower abdomen just before bedtime. For an extra measure I would also rub Lavender (lavandula, a member of the mint family) on the bottoms of the feet. Lavender relaxes the body and will be effective to soothe irritations that are elaborated in the next section.

CAUTION: The only essential oils I recommend for medicinal use is the doTERRA brand, which can be purchased online at As a healthcare professional , I will only recommend what I know. These oils are what I personally use and the only oils I use in my practice – they are pure beyond organic, each batch being certified free of any pesticides, chemical additives, residues and affirmed for potency.


Then, I would examine dietary issues that may cause triggered release of urine during sleep. Some things like any soda, chocolate, caffeine (in a lot of things), and cocao are known trigger foods. Junk food and spicy foods are best avoided also. Foods that are processed – refined sugars, excess or added fats and hot spices often overpower a developing renal system causing organs to stimulate spontaneously.

Adding an anti-oxidant rich beverage each morning would add a source of protection from the damage of free radicals (which is oxidizing – a single oxygen molecule with a negative charge). Something like a lower-sugar cranberry drink comes to mind. There will, of necessity, be some added sugar since cranberry juice alone is too astringent to easily take in for children.  Cranberry also has constituents known to support both kidney and renal functions. If needed, pure or freshly extracted apple juice can sweeten.

Another known problem is calcium deposits. With children in America consuming so much dairy, the extra calcium salts are unused by the body, cannot be absorbed, and some are actually deposited as  calcium oxylate stones – children are now getting these as sand, which turn to stones as in adult kidney and urinary stones. Most families bow to the propaganda that they must ingest cow milk in its many forms so getting a mom to eliminate dairy is likely not going to work. Some more damage control can be found by having the child use apple cider vinegar – maybe a teaspoon to a tablespoon – mixed into water and served to the child to drink at each meal. Vinegar will help alkalize physical acidity levels so that there is less physical stimulation from acidic buildup, triggering the need to urinate before a bladder is full.  Also, most people are familiar with the eggshell experiment and can visualize that vinegar will dissolve calcium, too.


Many children are still developing emotionally and are unable to express or identify what they are feeling and therefore unaware of their changing and growing selves. It becomes the responsibility of the parent to be attuned and anticipate needs in a timely fashion and intervene to avoid problems.

Most kids have an amount of anxiety, even from the best of homes.

And all moods are a complicated interrelated set of reactions between emotional and physical components.

Without going into exhaustive analysis and the psychology of adjustment the simple application and use of two different oils will certainly support balance for youngsters, and they are agreeable to the scents for the most part.

Lavender applied to the bottom of the feet will induce calm in most cases without any side effects from pharmaceuticals.

To bring focus and heighten attention, wild orange oil (citrus senensis) will be a pleasant experience also to the bottoms of the feet, that most children enjoy. Peppermint (menthe piperita) oil may also be added with the wild orange for an added boost  that will enliven and can also be used as a digestive aid and for breathing.


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**Essential oils should NEVER BE INGESTED unless the manufacturer states they are appropriate for this purpose. doTERRA oils each are labeled for proper usage.

And, as always,” these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. No products have intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent a disease.”

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